Repainting the down signal at Instow that we had installed a few years earlier.


Typical projects and activities


    1. Maintenance of Planet’s diesel engine;
    2. Maintain Planet’s bodywork;
    3. Painting Planet;
    4. Woodworking on brake van and PMV;
    5. Painting coach, loco, brake van and PMV;
    6. Installing and maintaining signalling equipment;
    7. Keeping site tidy;
    8. Weeding track;
    9. Tending station garden;
    10. Keeping signal box and PMV presentable;
    11. Track maintenance;
    12. Cutting back brambles around skip wagons;
    13. Acting as museum attendant in Bideford signalbox and the PMV;
    14. Opening Instow signalbox.



Training given for all of these activities.