This page lists previous LATEST NEWS items after they have been replaced.  Where appropriate it will also give additional information about our current Latest News.


January 2018

The repainting of the exterior of the PMV has been completed, preparatory to the start of work on the Interpretation Centre.  The interior has been touched up where necessary. The model of Bideford station will remain in the PMV and is currently being improved.


November 2017

During this month our Managing Director Felton Vowler passed away.  Felton was a very hands-on Director until recently and will be remembered for successfully fronting the organisation over the last decade.  Our thoughts are with his family.


October 2017

We have received a grant from Bideford Bridge Trust that will enable us to complete the repairs to our locomotive. We hope it will be running in 2018.


The Bideford site has been cleared of excess foliage, storage facilities improved and the signalbox has been repainted, ready for the 2018 season.


March 2017

The upcoming Interpretative Centre in the PMV is a major project with many strands, but in conjunction with the signal box and the Tarka Trail display in the Mk1 carriage, it means that BRHC will have a greater profile as a visitor destination within the North Devon area.  In turn it will widen the appeal of BRHC and provide many more opportunities for engagement with both the local community and the many visitors from elsewhere to Bideford.  The use of interactive displays means we will be able to increase the amount of historical data available to the visitor. Work will start on building the displays in the PMV early in the new year and we hope it will be open by Easter 2018.


January 2017

Unfortunately stalwart Director Felton Vowler has had to step down due to ill-health. We are all very grateful for his major contribution over the years and we wish him well. 

Co-Directors Andy Mills and Naomi Johnson are now moving forward with developments, assisted by a number of other personnel.  Further details of responsibilities are on the Contacts page.


March 2016

Visitor Centre opened in the coach.  This now provides a first class visitor experience for the area including four main back-lit display panels explaining what to see along the Tarka Trail, plus a full width map of a journey from Meeth to Braunton.  Tea on the Train remains in the coach.



Updated electricity supply installed at Bideford.