Our train on our opening day on 15th August 2004.  The train was seen off by the Mayor of Bideford, accompanied by a pipe band.  Many passengers enjoyed the day, as they did over subsequent operating seasons.

Our train consists of two items, an 0-4-0 Planet diesel shunter and a BR brake van. After restoration to operational condition, and the acquisition of appropriate permissions to run a train service, we commenced running our train in 2004 over our short line southwards from the station.

The service ran on occasional weekends until it had to be withdrawn following a serious act of vandalism.   The opportunity has been taken to subject the diesel shunter and brake van to extended maintenance so that they can be returned to the standard achieved on our opening day.  We hope that the locomotive will be able to give footplate rides during 2020.


See historical details of the Planet and where we are currently with its restoration here. 

Work progresses on the brake van. The roof has been rebuilt and recovered and work is now concentrated on replacing rotten vertical planking. 


See historical details of the brake van and where we are currently with its restoration here.